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5 Killer Tools to Better Productivity for Entrepreneurs

5 Killer Tools to Better Productivity for Entrepreneurs - people w computer

Learning to maximize your time is crucial for an entrepreneur. From managing multiple social media campaigns to blogging, following up with leads, conducting sales presentations, connecting with team members, and bolstering your personal development, there seems to bean overwhelming load of tasks in a typical day for business owners.

With big goals of taking it up to the next level in our businesses, how can we become more efficient with our time so that we’re completing the tasks that align with our vision?

The good news is we live in an era where there are so many technological advances to help us manage our time better and improve productivity. We’ve compiled a list of five time-management tools we believe will allow you to get more done in your allotted time-frame. Each one offers something unique geared towards optimizing your day-to-day tasks.

5 Killer Tools to Better Productivity for Entrepreneurs - Toggl

#1 Toggl

Using Toggl, you track your time…in real-time. You see, this tool focuses on the productivity of one specific task until it’s complete. You start the timer when you begin your activity, then hit the Stop button once you’re done. With the timer going, you’ll know exactly how long it took to finish your work and will subconsciously help you work faster.

The difference between using Toggl versus the timer on your smartphone is that it tracks the time for each of your projects and tasks. It keeps a log to give you an idea of how constructive you are on the given tasks. This data helps you improve your time in the long-run. Toggl also syncs with all of your devices, therefore, if you start the timer on your iPhone, it will also start on your desktop application.

Another major benefit is that it goes well with your Trello, Asana, or your other favorite productivity tool.

5 Killer Tools to Better Productivity for Entrepreneurs - Buffer

#2 Buffer

Maintaining an active presence on your social media networks is vital as an entrepreneur, especially to boost brand awareness and increase exposure. This includes consistently posting and sharing content, responding to comments, answering questions in your inbox, and staying engaged in your groups.

With so many key pieces to running a successful social media marketing strategy, trying to do it all will prove tiresome. Leveraging a social media management tool like Buffer positions you to be highly effective in your strategy, create favorable results, and work on other tasks while your social media is working. You see, you can schedule your content in advance during your downtime so that it publishes during the optimal times when your audience is most engaged with your content.

Here are a few other advantages to using Buffer for your social media:

  • Manage multiple social media networks on one dashboard including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more
  • Easily curate content to be a resource to your followers
  • Built-in social analytics so you know which posts are creating the most engagement…and which ones aren’t
  • Use Pablo by Buffer to create beautiful images for your visual content

5 Killer Tools to Better Productivity for Entrepreneurs - Pocket app

#3 Pocket

Reading articles and viewing videos that relate to our industry hones our personal and business development. As you’re perusing through various topics and you don’t have time to read them all, put it in Pocket to revisit later. This must-have app for entrepreneurs allows you to save files on your mobile device that you can revert to at another time. Save files, links, images, videos…you name it, simply using Pocket.

The unique feature about this tool is that when you save your desired content, you can access it without an Internet connection. It simply saves to your desktop or smartphone so you can easily read it at your convenience…no WiFi needed!

5 Killer Tools to Better Productivity for Entrepreneurs - Evernote

#4 Evernote

Successful entrepreneurs document their thoughts and jot down winning ideas versus trying to remember everything. Evernote is that tool where you can record everything that comes to mind in one workspace. This app syncs across your phone, tablet, and computer so your notes are easily accessible.

In addition to text notes, you can store images in Evernote with text included in the note. Simply upload an image from your computer or snap one with your mobile device. You can upload PDF files, maintain links and archives of websites, and even record audio notes. It is one place where you can write free from distraction, gather information, find what you need, and present your ideas to the world.

5 Killer Tools to Better Productivity for Entrepreneurs - Upwork

#5 Upwork

Any freelancing task that you need done from graphic and website designs, blog writing, editing…anything that you need to outsource some of your work, Upwork is the place to go! It is one of the best hiring sites on the Internet for contracting and a great reference for entrepreneurs.

Leveraging professional that specialize in areas you do not saves you tremendous time on tasks that you would perhaps struggle in. There are people who love to do what you consider a chore. They’re talented and will produce better, quality work than you would…and in less time. If there are certain activities that have been an ongoing challenge for you, it’s time to outsource it to someone who can get it done. Find that person on Upwork!


Discovering how to manage your time effectively and get more done are vital ingredients to your success as an entrepreneur. There are so many key components to entrepreneurship that trying to do it all can breed frustration. Having tools that can bolster your productivity helps you win your goals and business objectives.

Commit to choosing 2 of the tools mentioned to improve your time-management. As you begin to use them daily, revisit this post and choose another one. The more tools you have working in your favor, the better your outcomes.

Much success!



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