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HODO Announces Launch of Tripspin

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HODO Global — whose stated goal is to “discover, identify, and bring to market the technologies that will change the world” — has announced the launch of Trip Spin. This new “disruptive” technology purports to beat the traditional big guys (Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz, to name a few) 85-90% of the time! So what exactly is TripSpin? And what is the methodology that it will employ to offer such dramatic results in the trip-booking market? Let’s take a closer look at the new booking engine technology from HODO Global.

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First, a comprehensive review of what Trip Spin consists of is in order. Trip Spin is an application that gives subscribers access to deep savings on resorts, hotels, and cruise ship packages. All of the big brand names are included.

The application — designed specifically for iOS and Android devices — also serves as a teaching tool. It educates the user on how to share the Trip Spin app with others (and reap the benefits, which will be covered in the next section).

The cost for the initial subscription retails at $308.88; after, the fee is $88.88 as long as you reach and maintain a level of 50 BV’s (which are used as the point system for the program). In addition, there is a $10 monthly maintenance fee. With your subscription, Trip Spin provides access to the following:

  • Guaranteed pricing that has been negotiated ahead of time on travel, vacation, and other trip-related expenses.
  • Trip Spin rewards are able to be earned through sharing the application. These reward points can apply to trips, travel, and products; the program set each individual user up with their own Trip Spin website, which is how the plan points are tracked and administered.
  • The “Refer 4” program allows you to have your membership fees waived when four people subscribe as a result of your referrals.

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Trip Spin is a multi-level marketing (MLM) program. Accordingly, subscribers are provided with the opportunity to turn a profit as well as save on your travel expenses. The program currently boasts various ways to utilize the benefits:

  1. By sharing the Trip Spin application and program with friends, family, and associates, you begin to earn commissions. The entire compensation schedule is available to review before investing your time or money.
  2. As is the case with any MLM program, the time spent building up your network directly affects the benefits that you receive from the program — both in the form of travel savings, and also as a potential income generator.

For the casual traveler, the cost to subscribe to Trip Spin most likely does not justify the savings that are available through the program. However, for the frequent adventurer, or those interested in earning commission and residual income, the HODO Global Compensation Plan is outlined in the final section below.

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HODO Global (the parent company of Trip Spin) offers a compensation plan that pays affiliates to market and sell their product, similar to any other MLM program. There are both direct commissions, as well as residual commissions. Both of these different forms of commissions are paid out through a binary setup. The affiliate ranks range from 1 Star all the way up through 7 Stars. The highest level is known as an Ambassador, which requires the affiliate to maintain twelve Trip Spin sales (at least four on either side of the binary team) and have earnings that are a minimum of $9,600 in weekly binary commissions.

In addition, affiliates are mandated keep current with “rolling” 6 month Trip Spin qualification criteria, which are based directly off of the star level system. Further, the different tiers of commissions are Retail and MLM. Finally, there is a perk known as the “I’m Qualified” bonus pool to serve as further motivation to those desiring to turn a profit using the system.

The new Trip Spin program from HODO Global can certainly lead to deep cuts for the consistent traveler in the form of hotel, resort, and other trip savings. In addition, the program — just like any other MLM — offers a great deal of potential for the aspiring and energetic participant.

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