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If you want to make money without having much to do, then you should consider leverage. You won’t be using much of your workforce to get the job done. You work mostly will be to look for the jobs and send them to the qualified people who can take of them.

I bet that looks easy, but in everything, you have to come up with a plan to achieve all your targets and goals. Once you’re able to meet all your wants, then you’ll be making money through leverage.

Here, I’ll be taking you through a way in which you can make loads of money through leverage.

Create A Referrals Service




If you know there is power in referring products and services; then you’ll have to create a referral service to make money. To succeed in driving more people, you must bring lots of traffic to your referral service. You can achieve this by offering incredible offers such as gifts and delivering services to provide the best customer service. You can also implement and develop an effective referral program that won’t fail you and your clients.

Here, I’ll show you some tips on creating a referrals service.

  • Target your ideal customer – You need to look for your “dream” customers, and these are the most valuable and best referrers.
  • Educate the referrer – You need to equip them with the right tools for success for them to bring that success in your business.
  • Ask for other referrals – From your already established clients ask politely for referrals and this lead to an ongoing stream of people coming to you.
  • Recognize your referrers – You need to show them that you’re thankful to them for being your referrals. You can be calling them once in a while, giving them gifts, or offering some incentives.
  • Analyze the referrals efforts- For you to leverage and get positive results you need analyze all metrics and track referrals that offer a significant ROI (return on investment).


Get The Jobs


Now that you have created your referral service, it is time to get your hands dirty. Use the referrals that you have to bring more traffic to your website, and you’ll get a lot of jobs. If you can handle some, then you can tackle on your own. But I don’t expect there is a way you can handle all the jobs coming in at the same time. And since you don’t want to fail your clients by not meeting deadlines, it best to outsource the jobs as they come such as Driving for Uber and delivering for PostMates.




From your referral service you have been able to leverage your business, and now you have jobs. There is no way you’ll handle the jobs in your solo effort. You need to start outsourcing some of your responsibilities and tasks. By doing that you’ll be able to make money by focusing on your unique abilities. Also, you’ll outsource the jobs you can’t do or the many jobs that keep coming, and you would have leveraged your business to make more money.


There are a lot of ways in which you can leverage to make money whether online or not. Follow the steps above, and you’ll thank me later since you’ll be making money through leverage.





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