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How to Make Money Online – Blogging


Do you know you can make money on your blog? Yes, you can. All you need is the passion, attitude, and determination to go to great extents in achieving that. You see bloggers as you browse online talking about how they are making loads of money through blogging. And you’re wondering how they do it. You have to the right place to learn on how to make money online through blogging.


Here’s how you can make money online through blogging:





If you want to make loads of money through blogging, then get yourself a potential sponsor. You need to hand-pick sponsors that you’re comfortable with and create a strong person-to-person relationship. Once you as the blogger and a sponsor have a good relationship, it will be of great value especially in developing your blog, growing your network as well as finding other partners.

Consider what your audience wants by engaging them in conversations. After doing that, you can display sponsorships on your blog.  It can be through post linking, co-branding, special content advertisement, or even create content that showcases the sponsorship.

You can now negotiate the payment options with your sponsor, which can either be paid according to clickthroughs, page views, or on a monthly basis. Choose what fits you the best, but I would recommend a monthly basis since its known to work best.

Getting a sponsor is not an easy task, but you can try your lack. When you land a sponsorship deal, negotiate with them the type of work to give in and the price. You’ll make lots of money through blogging.





You can write EBooks on niches that you’re very good in and offer some for free while you ask payment for others. You can choose a helpful topic and condense it into an online book, which you can share through social media accounts or email marketing. Make sure the subject you select falls under your area of expertise, and more people will want to pay for such EBooks.





Webinars or Web seminars is another way of delivering content to your audience through Q&A sessions and live presentations. You’ll be more interactive with your audience, and it can drive lots of traffic to your site. You can make money on your blog through webinars in two ways. First, you can choose to give useful content for free, and while in the presentation, you can sell a product. Secondly, you can ask for payments for anyone who wants to attend the webinar. Lastly, choose what works best for you to make online money through blogging.


Products and Services



You can directly market your products and services on your blog. It’s a great way of indirect monetization of the blog. Also. You can choose to feature other company’s products and services by running ads on your website. You’ll be getting money from advertisements, affiliate marketing, and selling of products.


Freelance Services



Here you can market your skills through blogging such as writing, designing or editing. Market your services online and start earning money through your blog. You can offer services such as consulting, virtual assistant, writing, transcription, web designing, social media manager, etc. Choose your area of expertise and sell your services to people that visit your blog every day.



The only way to be different from the other bloggers is to diversify, which means you need to be unique in your own way. And you’ll be getting loads of money online through blogging.




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