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How to Make Money Online – How to Be a Social Media Manager



If you want to make money online through social media, then here is a guideline on how to become a successful social media manager. Do you even know what that entails? I bet you don’t. Being a social media manager, you have to help businesses to grow its online communities.


How can you grow the online population as a social manager?




Writing and scheduling posts

Where you write articles to be featured on social media and schedule when it’s going to go live. You can schedule to have the content published on a business website or your blog/website if you have one.

Running Ads 

Also, this is a great way to expose a business to many people as well as bring traffic to a site.

Replying to fans 

You can comfortably interact with people who visit the website and make them feel at home. You ought to answer their queries as quick as possible.

Creating graphics

You can create graphics to act as illustrations, and that can lure people into clicking links.



Here you’ll find some steps on how to become a successful social media manager


Create A Presence of Your Own

Before you decide to sign up clients, you’ll need first to have a growing social media presence that you can show off. Let’s say it’s more of trying as much as possible to market yourself to many people. How can you achieve this? Start by creating accounts on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. That’s not all; you need to familiarize yourself with SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, graphic design, and blogging.


Look for Clients

Don’t just sit there and expect clients to come to you. You better start looking for them if you want to become a seasoned social media manager. You can find clients by checking places they hang out online and send excellent content as you start conversations that will lead them back to your website. It will drive more traffic to your site, and that’s a good start for a social media manager. Also, you can be attending conferences, network functions, and other industry events to find clients.

Time Management

Manage your time on social media accounts to make sure you provide current content and complete your client’s tasks on time. Laziness or lateness can cost you those clients that were not easy to come by, and that’s why you should find a system that suits or works for you. Get yourself a social media calendar to help you organize tasks, and this will assist in managing your time.

Manage Your Money

Determine how much you should charge clients for your services. You can start by finding what others are charging and choose an amount that fits your expertise. Have a presentation looks that will land you a great job.

Acquire Advanced Marketing Skills and Mobilize

You need some advanced skills to become a successful social media manager. The techniques include custom Facebook apps, hashtag marketing, YouTube video customization, etc. Also, have a mobile presence where your clients can find you on their mobile phones. Have a website that is fully functional on mobile.


There are many ways in which as a social media manager you can do to grow online communities for businesses. Your duties will depend mostly on expertise, job description, time, and budget.




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