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How To Write A Book And Why You Should?

How to Write a Book and Why You Should


Writing a book is not an easy or fancy thing to do, but what will you lose apart from your time and effort in doing so. If you have ever thought of having a book under your name, then you have come to the right place.


Why Should You?

How to Write a Book and Why You Should

You’ll share your expertise

Don’t take your skills, knowledge or even experience for granted. You have no idea of how it can impact someone else who needs to hear or read your opinions. Also, let the notion that ‘everyone is doing it’ or ‘there’s already such a book’ not hinder you. No book will ever be similar since you’re writing from your own perspective and ideas.

You’ll establish your authority

By writing a book, you’ll open your mind to other possibilities of achieving all your dreams since it provides you with the courage and credibility to tackle anything. The process is hard, and once in a while, its best to do something hard at a given time to shape your character and others will appreciate your work.

Set yourself apart from others

It is not like everybody is writing a book about their skills, experience, and profession. That’s a more reason as to why you should be the one to start writing a book. By doing so, you’ll reduce the competition from other professionals in your area of expertise. Write a book to differentiate yourself from others.

Market expansion

Not everyone knows what you do? How best you are? But with a book, it is the best marketing tool for you to expose yourself to the world. Writing a book opens many doors and prepares the market for other services and products you offer.

Launch a business

Writing a book can be the only thing holding you from achieving more. It can introduce you to many other ideas, which you can turn into a business. Also, if your first book becomes famous and read by many people, your book business will be at an advantage, and you’ll make a lot of money.


How to Write?

How to Write a Book and Why You Should

Choose the topic

The first thing is deciding on the topic or what you want to write about. By writing what you know and love, you’ll require less research.

Plan your book

You have the topic, and you need to plan your writing. Do that during your free time when you’re relaxed to know how you’ll partition the book. It should be between 60,000-100,000 words. For each chapter, choose the characters to develop, subjects to include, and the plot to employ.

Start writing

Create a schedule of when to write and when not to. Let it be like a job you have to attend every day or once in a while.  Have goals such as making sure to complete a chapter within a week or a month.

Read and edit

You can read other author’s work to see if you have the desired style and flow. You can also send your drafts to others to get their views. Edit. Edit. Edit. Set some questions which your book should answer. Make sure you’re on the right path and correct any mistakes.

Keep writing

Don’t stop writing. No matter the views you get from your draft. Just keep writing, and you can still work on your next piece if your first book does not get published.


If your book becomes complete after careful writing and editing, then publish the final copy. Have patience since the success of your book will not take a day.



If you haven’t written a book and you get all these dreams of writing to share your ideas to the world at large, I urge you to put it as a must-thing to do and start right away. Happy writing!


How to Write a Book and Why You Should



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