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Review of “Rise of The Entrepreneur”: Today’s Greatest Experts on Work and Wealth

We see few to any fictional movies about the American Dream, at least not since the days when this dream was still possible. In more recent years, the idea of being able to keep the same job for years and retiring with a secure pension started to wither away. Some movies have addressed this reality, though not as a central issue.

What’s certain is that we haven’t seen this analyzed enough in a documentary. We’ve become so focused on the Presidential election and other outlying issues, no one’s bothered to look at the realities behind why so many people now turn to entrepreneurship to create their own American Dream.

This is the subject of the docu “Rise of the Entrepreneur”, executive produced by network marketer Eric Worre. You may know Worre from his best-selling financial book “Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.”

While it’s true his new documentary gets looked at by some as propaganda for network marketing, it has so much more to say about what people need to do to make the American Dream a reality again.

Here’s a review of “Rise of The Entrepreneur”, what its message was, and how the movie promoted itself. Plus we’ll look at what it can do to help you create more income possibilities for you while still working from home.

The Promotional Campaign

It’s been almost two years since the film released, and it’s available now to watch on iTunes, plus DVD availability through the film’s site. However, the promotional campaign behind this film was an interesting one to get into people’s minds.

Despite not being a huge hit, those who see the realities behind today’s deteriorating economic reality gave it major kudos. At the core of the promotional marketing was trying to prove tomorrow’s jobs are going to become considerably different from the ones we’re used to.

When the trailer premiered on YouTube, that point was very clear, reminding us the jobs your grandparents and parents had probably won’t survive in the future economy.

The real marketing point became a message saying entrepreneurship is the answer to the above problem. However, the details in the film are important, especially when you get some of the greatest entrepreneurs of the last decade giving insight into the best methods toward career security.

Covering Problems in the U.S. Economy

During the film’s first quarter, Eric Worre posed three questions about our economy and the jobs we have today. The first was to answer what’s really going on in the work world today rather than tucking reality under a rug. Then he asked whether it’s better to become an entrepreneur today, or work for someone else.

Last, Worre took on entrepreneurship realities and pondered whether it’s a viable opportunity without taking on extensive risk. Posing this very question, you get a documentary with complete transparency rather than pushing something that might not work after putting in so much time.

Afterward, the film goes into what our biggest problems are in the economy and the life of being an employee when working for someone else.

Middle Class Americans Losing Wealth

The film isn’t afraid to show the harsh truths about the middle class slowly disappearing due to shrinking salaries in jobs. Some of the issues addressed include the rapid technology changes in the U.S. over the last several years. It’s led to outsourcing, automation, or employees being let go because they can’t keep up.

High unemployment is another factor, including those who’ve given up looking for work due to never finding what they want. Then they address the other big elephant in the room in America: Crushing student loan debt. This alone has bogged down our younger generation from being able to pursue their career dreams.

Finally, the film tackles government debt and how it’s contributed to economic problems and could potentially ruin the future security of jobs for Millennials. Worre follows this by berating the concept of being an employee in today’s job market, particularly in how much worry it brings about pay cuts or being laid off.

In the next section of the film, it shows the chances people take to make more money and how risky this is. Network marketing then becomes the central subject.

Avoiding Risk and Going into Network Marketing

“Rise of the Entrepreneur” overall attempts to show entrepreneurship as the only option for those who want to make big money in the future. With network marketing at the core, the film goes into showing how relying on endeavors like stock market investing becomes too much of a gamble in a time of financial volatility.

Network marketing becomes touted as being a more low-risk opportunity for entrepreneurs, more so than starting a business from scratch. Even if some might disagree with this, many financial experts who’ve become wealthy from network marketing show up in the film.

Finance gurus like Robert Kiyosaki promote this marketing process as something potentially saving the U.S. economy. Brian Tracy has a cameo pointing to a fact that network marketing has made more millionaires than any other business option.

If you disagree on network marketing, the central message rings true in “Rise of the Entrepreneur”: Entrepreneurship is the true answer to bring a life of financial well-being. It’s a calling to help you find what you really want to do and take action.

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