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How To Think Like A Rich Person

It might take more than just thinking like a rich person to improve your financial picture, but you’d be surprised how some subtle adjustments in your mindset can turn things our way. The truth is, unless someone has literally won the lottery, they don’t just wake up wealthy one day. There are things that go on in their minds that have some effect on their heavy pockets. Consider the habits and philosophies below and how they may help someone rise to the top and stay there!

Don’t Think About Money

When you have money, you aren’t always thinking about it. Are you usually wondering and worrying about money? Counting the days until payday and meticulously tracking what you’ll pay and what you’ll have left? Are you typically broke a couple days later? Why is it that those with the least amount of money spend the quickest? It’s because they know they have it. They know it’s going to be there tomorrow. They aren’t worried. This might be easier said than done, but if you aren’t always thinking about spending your money, it’s likely that you will spend less, save more and eventually, it won’t be an intentional stream of thought, but a happy habit instead.

Be Mindful of Where Your Dollars Come & Go

You probably think you already do this, but the reality is that few do. Even though rich people have tons of money, they are still very mindful of what it took to earn every dollar and where the dollars have gone since they landed in their bank accounts. There is no other way to truly value money, save money and acquire more. Instead of thinking, I have X amount of dollars to spend, remember it took me X amount of hours to make this. When that system of checks and balances is playing in your subconscious, you will spend less and always be looking for ways to increase your earning potential. When we are unhappy or unsatisfied, we instinctively look for means, strive for better and demand more.

Be Selfish

This may be the last thing you would expect to hear, but if you don’t spend your time and energy trying to make your life better, you will never be free of the burdens that have kept you where you are. You can’t possibly help others if you don’t help yourself first. If you have nothing, but you’re busy pleasing everyone else, how will that ever change? Pause and put yourself first. Worry about the others when you’ve made it!

Rich People Are Positive!

Have you ever noticed this? The chances of finding a negative rich person are truly slim. Positive is not the same as happy. You might think, well, of course, they’re happy, they’re rich! Positivity is a cause, not a result. Being positive is the egg and good things in one’s life are all the little chicks! Of course just being positive doesn’t magically make you rich. It’s the fact that negativity will systematically cause you to sabotage yourself, that provides the key to this formula. Negative people quit, they argue, they poison their own plans and chase successful mentors away.

Be Open-Minded

This applies to all aspects of life, not just your business or source of income. Why? Having an open mind allows thoughts and people in. You don’t have to agree or adopt the theories or personalities around you, but you are a fool not to let them in, learn from them, see what they may have to offer to your life plan.

Rich People Dream and DO!

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and chasing those dreams. Poor or even middle-class people have been conditioned to believe that dreams are silly, that chasing lofty goals is a waste of time. Rich people want it all and aren’t ashamed of it! The key is not only dreaming but getting up and finding those dreams. They are all attainable. Rich people believe that whole-heartedly. If you can train your brain to believe something, it will simply be.

Expect to Make More Money

Have you ever heard the saying if you envision something, you can make it happen? It’s true. If you think your situation will never change, why would it? That’s the mentality of waiting around for a lottery ticket. Why wouldn’t you make more money in the future? Why couldn’t you? Plan for that vacation, talk about the new house you want in the future. Those positive vibes will work their way into a place in your mind where they can grow and translate into real events in your life. The positivity will show in your work and the confidence contagious. Big thinkers get the promotions. Others will want to be a part of your big plans!

Make Conscious Choices About the People Around You

This is important. Your friends, acquaintances and especially spouse and family, have a huge impact on your success. This isn’t just about cheering you on and helping your cause, but you are deciding all the time what type of energy to allow in your bubble. Conflicts in your personal life interrupt the flow of your attention on your goals. Of course, not every outcome can be predicted, but as long as a person is aware of the effect that peers have on the big picture, they will make better choices about who they invite into their lives.

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