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Why Regular Jobs Aren’t Secure?


Having a job at a big company feels great, and you think you have insurance that you’ll survive there for long. That is not the case. Nowadays, you’ll find people sacrificing their entire youthful years working in a company, and later to be retrenched with no valid reason. No matter how experienced you have become.

Losing a job has become a norm for all people from the top levels to the lowest levels. If you want to feel secure, the only way is to own that company itself and be your own boss. If such privileges can only happen in your dreams, then you need to sit back and watch as your hope of working is being controlled by the mighty ‘bosses.’

Getting that job in the first place was hectic, and you might have passed a lot of hassles like seeking connection from relatives or family friends to help you get that interview. Now, the time has elapsed, and you work in the company of your dreams or rather than the company that was the only one to consider you. However, you don’t feel entirely satisfied because you’re aware that anytime, that position you’re in, can belong to some else.

We all know how that feels, even if you’re not working, you have that idea of being told, “tomorrow you won’t be reporting, we have some internal issues to handle.” You’re left wondering where did I go wrong. Some reasons are self-explanatory such as they don’t require your services anymore, but others, you can just think or read some employment-related articles.

That much said, I have listed three reasons that answer this rhetorical questions, why regular jobs aren’t secure?


3 Reasons Why Regular Jobs Aren’t Secure


Limited Experience


Why Regular Jobs Aren’t Secure Limited experience


You have been working in the same company for years, and you call that experience. No! It is not. And it’s just that you have been doing the same thing over and over again for years. When someone else comes who has ventured into many different areas of your career and expertise, you’re sure that job is no longer yours. According to the company that has employed you, you’re stagnating in that position. It’s always recommended to keep on sending those applications to different jobs in your area of expertise and attend as many interviews as possible. By the time your company tries to let you go, at least you’ll have a place to go.


Asking for an Increment


Why Regular Jobs Aren’t Secure Increment


That moment you open your mouth to your employer about a pay raise, since you have been working there for some time and you have too many mouths to feed, that’s when you submit your resignation indirectly. Most bosses are inhuman or evil as I call them. They want you to work on the same salary when you got that job. Ask for a pay rise, and they will be planning to replace you with a desperate graduate looking for a mere survival means.


Loss of Freedom


Why Regular Jobs Aren’t Secure Freedom


You think having a job is a secure and safe way to support yourself. You’re wrong! It is way too risky to depend on that job only. As long you don’t have control of that position, then there is no way you’ll ever be secure. You’ll work yourself out, without complaining to your bosses. You may be called to report to your job on your off day. And since you can’t complain, you lose your freedom of expressing your emotional troubles.



There are many reasons as to why regular jobs aren’t secure, try and start your side job and become your own boss. That way you’ll feel independent and secure, or you can turn to freelancing but it has its struggles as you start, and nothing comes easy in this word.


Why Regular Jobs Aren’t Secure



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