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Why You Need New Friends



Your personality and characteristics are based on the five people closest to you. Everybody has one, an inner circle. But did you know that you essentially become a mashed up version of the five people you are around the most? This explains why a lot of parents are still quite kid-like myself included.


Law of Averages

This is based on the law of averages: the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes. Anyone in sales, marketing, finance, insurance or any professional job understands that in order to increase your wins, you have to increase your losses

On average, the few people you spend the most time with will be the people who impact your personality the biggest. This is why we should listen to our parents when they stood taller than us, scolding their finger back to and fro saying: “choose your friends wisely dear.”



Supporting Roles

Having a friend that will always have your back and never question a word you say is great. We all have at least one confidant to support us. Especially us younger folks. We are too eager to let our friends tell us how awesome we are.

How well we rocked that deal, or how great our newest project is shaping up. Positive feedback is almost craved by new professionals.

You will come to find later on in life that never hearing the constructive criticism may have been a bad thing. Having a pal to tell you what you don’t want to hear may be your best friend in certain circumstances.  

A more seasoned professional will almost always opt for the constructive critiques over the positives because they know there is always room for improvement. And there is. Trust me, the envious, the doubters, the critics will jump at the chance to tell you your faults. You may want to listen. The more successful you become the more harsh words and people you will face. Thickening your skin takes time and a good friend who isn’t afraid to call you out on your BS because they truly care.


In Layman’s Terms

If you are always being babied, supported, and coddled by your group of friends, you never open yourself up to learn the hard stuff about yourself. Taking constructive criticism can be hard at first, and it is a dish best served by a peer as opposed to a client or a boss.

Whether we like it or not, we are influenced deeply by those closest to us. Our environment affects us too. How we think, our self-esteem and our confidence levels (or lack thereof) are all influenced by the people closest to us.

If you don’t have a single friend on your phone who you can go to when you need a reality check, it is time to invest in a new circle. The same can be said about being supported. If all your friends are the type to critique with no real encouragement, it may be time to do a refresh.

Having people in your life who support you through thick and thin are the most important and the key to succeeding in any industry.






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